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FAQs about Vision Restoration Therapy – Help for Stroke and Brain Injury Patients

NovaVision, Inc. developed Vision Restoration Therapy to help stroke and head injury patients regain their vision, mobility, confidence, and quality of life. Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about the basics of vision rehabilitation, including how long the therapy takes, how it works, and more.

How do I start VRT?

The first step is to check whether you would meet the eligibility requirements  for the therapy and then register online  or call NovaVision Patient Services. During the registration process, NovaVision will verify your candidacy and if needed help you to locate a physician who can prescribe VRT for you. Once your registration is complete and you have made payment, NovaVision will send you a chinrest and activate your therapy license. Once you have received the chinrest you will be able to download and install the therapy on your computer. Guides will be provided to help you download, set up and start your therapy. You will then complete a series of tests to evaluate your vision deficit. NovaVision then analyzes the test results to create and send you a customized therapy program. You may contact NovaVision by email or call us at 1.888.205.0800 to ask questions or request more information.

How do I perform the therapy?

Vision Restoration Therapy is performed with a VRT device in the comfort of your home. During a 30-minute session, you will focus on a central point on the device screen and respond whenever you see a light stimulus appear. It is recommended to set up the device on a desk or table with a comfortable chair in a quiet, dimly lit room, free of distractions. NovaVision Patient Services is available to help you get started should you need assistance and can be reached by calling 1.888.205.0800. You will also be provided with helpful videos and instructions.

How long does Vision Restoration Therapy take to complete?

Generally it is recommended that patients complete 6 months of twice-daily therapy, however, everyone responds differently to therapy. After the initial 6 months of therapy the patient should be re-evalutated by their doctor to determine if it will be beneficial to continue therapy.

How much does the therapy cost?

NovaVision provides VRT in a therapy suite with NeuroEyeCoach at a total cost of $900. This provides six months therapy for VRT and the complete 36 sessions of NeuroEyeCoach. NovaVision will send you a chinrest for which we require a $50 deposit, refunded when you return the chinrest at the end of your therapy. All mailing costs are covered by NovaVision.


Is Vision Restoration Therapy covered by insurance?

VRT is not generally covered by insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. With proper documentation, however, in certain circumstances a number of NovaVision’s patients have had success gaining insurance coverage for therapy from several carriers. This may take persistence, but may result in either full or partial reimbursement of the cost of your therapy. If you wish to submit a claim or an appeal, please contact NovaVision at 1.888.205.0800 who can assist you.


How is my therapy program determined?

Once it is determined that you are a candidate for Vision Restoration Therapy you will take several tests on the VRT device that will map your area of visual impairment. From these initial tests NovaVision will determine the location of the borders of the visual deficit, and how to target them with therapy. Your therapy regimen will be updated regularly based on your progress and the status of your deficit.

During my therapy

NovaVision will continually monitor your deficit and your progress and provide monthly reports to you and your physician. After 6 months of treatment, you may wish to meet with your doctor to determine if you should continue with therapy beyond the typical 6-month course. To learn more, please read the details of how VRT works.