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NovaVision Study Presented at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting


April 28, 2009 – Seattle, WA – NovaVision, Inc. ( presented data at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) 61st Annual Meeting showing functional improvement in reading and trail-making for 39 study participants with a homonymous visual field defect who performed at least 6-months of VRT. The Trail Making Test-Part A (TMT-A), a standardized test of visual search and motor speed, and a reading test were performed to assess study participants’ reading speed and visuomotor functions. Reading speed improved by 21.6% and TMT-A completion time improved 34.5%. Study goal was to examine functional outcomes following traumatic brain injury and stroke.

Consistent with previous studies, study patients showed a similar increase in stimuli detection following VRT, thus confirming the dependability of these outcomes. The data noted a 10.4% absolute improvement in stimulus detection during visual field testing.

“The results further validate that VRT is a reliable visual rehabilitation intervention for functional improvement outcomes regardless of age or time from incident of injury,” stated Jose Romano, M.D., Associate Professor Neurology, Director of the Cerebrovascular Division at the University of Miami, who presented the study. “Because the absolute improvement in stimulus detection is consistent with other studies, we can now see an objective correlation between visual field expansion and functional ability as a result of VRT.”

Rudy Mazzocchi, President and CEO, stated,” We are pleased to be able to provide patients and healthcare providers with more information about the benefits of NovaVision VRT. Potential patients and prescribing clinicians can now review research data that verifies improvements in

daily living activities in addition to visual field expansion as a result of performing VRT.” NovaVision VRT is the first and only FDA-cleared medical device or rehabilitative therapy clinically proven to expand the visual field for stroke and brain injury survivors who have been left partially blind from their injury. VRT is an at-home, customized therapy, which presents neuro-stimulation in the border along the individual’s blind field.