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Patient Access Improves For Vision Restoration Therapy


January 26, 2009 – Boca Raton, FL – NovaVision, Inc. launched a new medical device that will make it far easier for stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors with vision loss to access Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT), the only FDA-cleared therapy option that can restore neurological vision loss. In updating the medical device, NovaVision wanted to focus on two issues of concern for their patients – the cost and location of treatment.

By incorporating a diagnostic component for the non-invasive, at-home therapy device, patients can now start therapy without having to travel far from home. Once exclusively offered at 50 leading eye, neurology and rehabilitation centers nationwide, VRT can now be prescribed by any practicing neurologist, eye doctor or physiatrist. The change in technology has also meant that NovaVision can pass along savings to the patient, making Vision Restoration Therapy more affordable.

“By making changes to our medical device, we hope to help more people with neurological vision loss get their vision and lives back to normal. While we have had many motivated patients willing to fly to medical centers in the past, many survivors have either limited means or mobility and we wanted to address this,” says Rudy Mazzocchi, CEO and President of NovaVision, Inc.