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The Benefits of Novavision's Vision Restoration Therapy


Vision Restoration Therapy can not only help restore lost vision but can also help individuals regain confidence, independence, and quality of life. Patients who undergo Vision Restoration Therapy often report dramatic improvements in many areas of their lives, and 88% report at least one significant improvement in what they can see or do.1

Many patients report they have resumed everyday activities such as reading, socializing, shopping, walking, performing hobbies, watching TV, and driving as a result of VRT.

Getting Starting with Vision Restoration Therapy

  1. Take the online screening test to see if you can perform VRT. Call NovaVision to learn where you can go for an evaluation and prescription.
  2. Visit a participating doctor to determine your candidacy. Send in your prescription, field of vision test results and payment. NovaVision will call to notify you of receipt.
  3. Once you've received your device, set aside an hour to watch a short video tutorial and take a test to help NovaVision customize your therapy. You may wish to involve a caregiver.
  4. After you receive notification that your therapy is ready, create a therapy schedule and begin your twice-daily therapy regimen

Help get your life back on track by improving your vision. Call NovaVision toll-free at 1.888.205.8380 to discuss whether VRT is right for you.

1Mueller I, Poggel DA, Kenkel S, Kasten E and Sabel BA. Vision Restoration Therapy after brain damage: subjective improvements of activities of daily life and their relationship to visual field enlargements. Visual Impairment Research 2003; 5: 157-178