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Restoring Vision Lost After Stroke or Brain Injury

article1aIf you have lost a portion of your vision after a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI), NovaVision® Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT™) may help. Vision Restoration Therapy is a daily therapy performed in your home on an FDA-cleared medical device that provides non-invasive neurostimulation to restore visual function. Therapy is actively monitored and updated to maximize improvement.

Vision Restoration Therapy can help you increase your sight no matter how long ago your injury occurred. VRT can also help you recover vision loss regardless of your age. Management believes by activating the brain's proven self-repair capability – known as neuroplasticity – VRT targets the borders of the remaining vision and often produces tangible improvements in visual function. 88% of patients have mentioned at least one significant improvement in their quality of life from VRT1.

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