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Restoring Vision Lost After Stroke or Brain Injury

If you have lost a portion of your vision after a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI), NovaVision® Vision Resto

The Benefits of Novavision's Vision Restoration Therapy

Vision Restoration Therapy can not only help restore lost vision but can also help individuals regain confidence,


News and Testimonials

Patient Access Improves For Vision Restoration Therapy

January 26, 2009 – Boca Raton, FL – NovaVision, Inc. launched a new medical device that will make it far easier for stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors with vision loss to access Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT), the only FDA-cleared therapy option that can restore neurological vision loss. In updating the medical device, NovaVision wanted to focus on two issues of concern for their patients – the cost and location of treatment. By incorporating a diagnostic component for the no Learn more

Vision Loss Not Always Permanent

Vision lost as a result of traumatic brain injury and stroke is not always permanent: Vision Restoration Therapy helps a stroke patient regain some of his vision after losing some of his visual field due to a stroke. Learn more

Vision Restoration Hope for Patients

Vision Restoration Therapy Gives Neurological Vision Loss Patients With Hope for Vision Recovery "Its called nova vision, its a new type of vision restoration therapy that can retrain the brain and improve the vision for some who have suffered a stroke or brain injury." Learn more

NovaVision Study Presented at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting

April 28, 2009 – Seattle, WA – NovaVision, Inc. ( presented data at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) 61st Annual Meeting showing functional improvement in reading and trail-making for 39 study participants with a homonymous visual field defect who performed at least 6-months of VRT. The Trail Making Test-Part A (TMT-A), a standardized test of visual search and motor speed, and a reading test were performed to assess study participants’ reading speed and visuomot Learn more

LR from La Grange, Tx

"When I first had the stroke, I couldn’t see anything from the diagonal left bottom to diagonal right" "On August 12, 2002, I woke up with the intention of taking a shower and getting ready for work, but I had a headache and noticed the newspaper looked funny when I picked it up off the front porch. I went to my doctor who ordered a cat scan and later informed me I was having a stroke. When I first had the stroke, I couldn’t see anything from the diagonal left bottom to diagonal right top Learn more

VRT Patient from Ireland

Vision Lost as a Result of Rraumatic Brain Injury and Stroke is not Always Permanent: A young patient travels to the Levine Cerebral Localization Center to perform Vision Restoration Therapy. The patient suffered a rare type of stroke which effected her vision. The patient details the difficulties of loosing her vision with spatial awareness and her desire to get her independence back. Physicians review the basis of the therapy and neuroplasticity and vision loss. Learn more

RH from Florida

After Nine Months of Therapy, Patient is Reading Faster with Improved Comprehension “Any stroke victim with my visual problems should try VRT, especially if there is strong home support and no home distractions. I recommend coffee or tea about 15 minutes before each therapy session to stay alert. Without help concentrating, it is easy for the mind to wander off to the beach instead of focusing on the task at hand.” RH-Florida   Learn more

GA from Litz,PA

"My results were just shy of meeting state driving requirements, so he told me I was going to lose my license." "After my stroke I drove primarily to get to work and see my family for almost two years when the ophthalmologist called me back in for a vision test. My results were just shy of meeting state driving requirements, so he told me I was going to lose my license. My family doctor recommended that I see a neuro-ophthalmologist. The neuro-ophthalmologist came to the same conclusion about m Learn more